‘The reader reaction was phenomenal’

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Woman’s Weekly’s Blankets for Cats campaign: a purrfect example of a brand mobilising its worldwide readership to action.

Inspired by the phenomenal success of their centenary bunting campaign, Woman’s Weekly Marketing Manager Mary Bird was determined to keep the ball (of wool) rolling, so to speak.

Lexie Harrison

She knew full well that her readers loved to knit. The question was, what should she call upon them to get their needles clacking on next? The answer came from the most unexpected of sources. Mary was attending a craft fair late last year on behalf of the brand when she happened to strike up a conversation with a 9 year old girl called Lexie Harrison. Lexie, who is profoundly deaf, was there with her mum and gran and it was her idea to knit blankets for cats.

Genius! Mary knew that if there was one thing that her readers loved as much as knitting, it was their pets and so the Woman’s Weekly Blankets For Cats appeal was launched, first through the pages of a WW Knitting Special, then via a trio of call outs in Weekly itself.

And that’s all it took. The offices were once more deluged with parcels from as far afield as the Falkland Isles and last week the team were proud to present Battersea Dogs & Cats Home with 710 meter square blankies to keep their kitties snug and warm.

The knitting drive officially ended on 31 July but as of this morning, the parcels are still rolling in. Mary says she wants to launch three more Woman’s Weekly charity knits
in 2013. All suggestions gratefully received.


Mary Bird is the
Marketing &
Promotions Manager
of Woman’s Weekly

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